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I don’t even know where to start…

I guess either you love it or hate it - right?

Everyone has heard of the “war”1 Android vs iOS, but honestly I don’t think that one is able to compare the two. Even though google is trying hard to make Android work more like iOS. But this is not neccessarilly what most of my android-related posts are about either.

I’m a Linux enthusiast, I absolutely love Gentoo Linux even though I switched back to Artix Linux a couple of weeks ago 2. I also like working with Alpine Linux and muslc systems in general. But I hate android.

“You know that android uses a linux kernel!” - I hear you say. And yes I know that, but as I mentioned above google is desperately trying to transform android into iOS-2.0 and I hate every bit of it.

And this is what most of my blog posts are about: Me ranting about android, me trying to make android>10 usable again and me trying to get a “real”3 linux distro running on my phone.




Obviously not a real war but a heavy discussion


I was kind of forced to move back, as my laptop was not a fan of me overheating the cpu for multiple hours.


I don’t own a pinephone(yet) so I’m heavily relying on GSI’s

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