Why I’m moving my personal Webpage to emacs orgmode

1. My old site generator

A fact some of you might know is that I wrote my previous generator myself using my blueprint lisp flavour which is concerted to js. That way I was able to host my webpage over o nvercel.

After I tried rethemeing my old webpage I realised that I wanted my webpage to have a completly different look and feel to it.

So I started looking around for static site generators but none of them really fit my need as I wanted my webpage to be different and most of the themes availabe for ssg like hugo are really hard to customize.

2. Inspiration

Sometimes getting inspiration or coming up with a new idea is hard. So I took to the internet and after searching for a while I gave up.

This is when I remembered an old video DistroTube once uploaded on publishing man pages using emacs org mode.

So I rewatched the video and read through the emacs org-publish documentation.

And turns out this is exactly what I was looking for, the scripting allows me to autogenerate neccessary entries, whilst still being able to use a markup language (org) to write my posts.

3. Problems

So far I’ve only come accross a couple of porblems including:

  • not being able to force rebuild the site (useful if you want to rerun a script)
  • html-prelude not working correctly

4. Conclusion

I’m nearly done styling this webpage and generating all the assets and I absolutely love it.

If you or someone you know are looking for a static site generator with the ability to customize everything and write scripts, I can recommend using org-publish, especially because I can also publish my blog posts in different formats using it.

Author: Jakob Meier (comcloudway@ccw.icu)

Date: 2022-06-17 Fri 13:00

All content is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0